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The back-story (1999):

I was living in CA and four and a half months pregnant (after having lost a child in pregnancy at five months the previous year) when my mother, living in PA, who was my best friend in life, was taken ill suddenly and passed away within 48 hours. I was devastated and inconsolable. I returned to CA from the funeral with a few pieces of my mom's jewelry and had not been wearing most of mine because of swelling due to my pregnancy. Two weeks later, my husband and I took our vacation that had been planned long before we found out we were going to have a baby. It was the last trip my ob/gyn would let me take prior to the baby's birth but I was still early enough in my pregnancy that she gave us her blessing. While we were away, our house was broken into, all of my mom's jewelry (including her engagement ring and wedding band) and all of my jewelry was stolen; over $20,000 (worth much more today). Insurance didn’t cover most of my jewelry and it didn't cover my mom's jewelry. The robbers distributed all of the stolen jewelry to pawn shops, their friends and families and it ended up across the US, never to be recovered except for a few pieces; one was recovered in a pawn shop but the robbers had destroyed it so it was useless. There were four robbers and one served a year in jail.

I was flipping through the channels one weekend night in October 2015 and stopped in my tracks when I saw a bracelet that looked exactly like one that had been taken in a robbery/break-in at my house sixteen years before. I had purchased the bracelet (from Italy) in New Jersey in 1984. I purchased it the day the jewelry store received it from a designer in Italy. I was very unique and was tri-color with a watchband style and thickness. It was my favorite bracelet and I didn't wear or own any other bracelet.

I continued to watch and someone placed the bracelet back up for sale. I immediately called back and asked them to please take it down. I was told someone named Catherine would have it pulled so it was not for sale. In the meantime, the host Steve starts asking questions about the bracelet and wants to know where it is. They told him and he starts QUESTIONING MY INTEGRITY AND THE VALIDITY OF MY STORY AND MOCKING ME ON AIR!

I called Pat Kelly on Monday and walked him through the story of the robbery and my phone call to his customer service department the preceding weekend. Pat requested I get a copy of the police report and call him when I have it. In the meantime, I called my insurance agent to apprise him of the situation. He was kind enough to forward a copy of the police report to me from his files on the case 16 years before.

I sent Pat a copy of the police report and it's very specific in regard to the description of the bracelet. This was a VERY UNIQUE bracelet, quite possible one of a kind or very few. He led me to believe he was going to work with me to get my bracelet back to me. After I sent the police report, I had several conversations with Pat and he always stalled me for one reason or another. I initially thought he was going to work with me and certainly, they must have insurance to cover them and reimburse for situations like this, as rare as I'm sure these situations are. No he has a copy of the police report with the details including the joint locking clasps (that I paid for be put on the bracelet), the colors, the length, the design, it's tri-color gold, the primary color, 14k, tongue and box closure and Italian made. Pat tells me, IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. NOW, HE WANTED ME TO SEND HIM PICTURES OF ME WEARING THE BRACELET...

I told him I didn't have any pictures of me wearing the bracelet. The pictures would have been more than 16 years old and the police report was very specific in the description and should have been enough. I begged him to elevate this to a manager. He promised he would. I called Pat (770) 662-5505, 1102, the following week. Now it's November. HE DIDN'T RETURN MY CALL. I called him again and begged him to please elevate this as high up the chain of management as necessary. I just wanted my bracelet and the police report was so specific and I couldn't understand, after I had been through such tragic circumstances with the sudden loss of my mom and then the robbery, why he was making this so hard for me. I called Pat Kelly twice in December and left two voicemail messages begging him to please elevate this to a manager as high up the chain as necessary to please let me have my bracelet.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

I didn't like: Customer service, No follow-up, Unprofessional.



I worked there 18 years. Your story illustrates the lack of integrity and corruption that is the norm.

There are some good people, but the place is rotten at the top. They prey on the most gullible of TV consumers.

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